Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She is special..

Sometimes, I'd always hate it when she scolds, when she gets cranky, when she becomes emotionally unstable.
To some of us, it's an act of someone aging, someone who won't understand us youths, someone with a high ego, or simply someone whose thinking skills is gradually decreasing.

It's true she's turned 50 this year, an age nearing the term we call 'old'. And whatever I've felt about her as I've stated above will surely not change. It's inevitable: I just don't like being bossed around, being treated like a kid, or having to follow a strict set of rules now that I've grown older.

But somehow, I know there is a reason she does all that. She knows what's good or bad better than me. She knows the consequences of my actions, and she concerns about me. I might be the one more egoistic in this matter, but truthfully I appreciate her for everything she's done for me. I can't say she's always right, but she has something right to prove in everything she says.Well, it's a mother's nature of course.

And this year, God has shown why she is special. It's the eve of Eid, and her birthday marks on this last day of the Holy month, on the brink of Syawal where joy and happiness awaits. It's bound to be a happy year for her. Inshaallah.

Happy Birthday, Mama. I love you no matter how mischievous I've always been. Just assume it's my way to learn from you. Huhu.

She still doesn't look 50 to me. :)

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